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Fisher's Autism Trilogy

Fisher's Autism Trilogy - Paul C. Nelson Every kid deserves to feel special. Thats a fact. And that´s exactly what this book attempts, sucessfully, to portray.
Unfortunately there are many stigmas around a condition such as autism, people make assumptions and cast them out, we have seen this many times. People are cruel. And in this book we do see that as well, because it´s reality and if those kids have to deal with it, the least we can do is listen. 
So please listen to the message of this book, that shows not only the harsh side of reality but also mixes it with magic and lovely fantasy elements. Fisher and his friends possess magic abilities, consequently there is evil magic as well a personification of cruelty.It mixed fun and entertainment with the serious aspect of it all.  
One of the elements I loved about this story was the family element. I live for good fathers like this and I genuinely believe that young adult fiction lacks representation of good parental figures so Im glad this book took a different route.
The writing is simple and easy to understand making this a more pleasant experience. I genuinely have nothing negative to say.
I hope for nothing but good things for the author and his son.