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Sun Kisses

Sun Kisses - Lynda Beaver, Jolie Beaver, Stacey Bell A beautiful allegory of mother’s love and the celebration of one’s singularity

This book has poetry, it touches us with a story about the beautiful, inspiring and unconditional love felt between mother and daughter.
There’s an allegory between the love of the Sun, this huge and powerful star, and a mother's love. And through this allegory Emily’s freckles are no longer a source of shame but signs of love and a reason to be proud.
Emily represents all children who struggle with self-esteem issues and with the cruel comments of other kids. This is a book about self-acceptance that helps children grow up with self-esteem and the certainty that they are special and loved. We also learn that storytelling can have a healing ability.
The illustrations have soft, beautiful colors and the images express well the characters emotions, being a fine complement to the text.